How to Earn $500,000 Dollars A Month Playing Video Game ‘Fortnite’ Game? Explains By Tyler “Ninja” Blevin

Earning a game online on your favorite productions is probably a dream of many home players. And certainly, many would like to receive from this title such money that can be boasted by Tyler “Ninja” Blevins. The most popular Fortnite streamer video game in the world: Battle Royale has just announced that the earnings from it exceeded in his case the staggering amount of 500 thousand dollars. And it’s monthly.

How to Earn $500,000 Dollars A Month Playing Video Game ‘Fortnite’ Game

So it is not only a record-holder in terms of the number of spectators during one game transmission but also an absolute gaming millionaire. Ninja claims that his earnings are a result of the popularity of the title and his skills, for which he had to earn long hours of training in the production of the Epic Games studio.

How to Earn $500,000 Dollars A Month Playing Video Game ‘Fortnite’ Game

Where does Blevins’ fortune really come from? The vast majority of the money comes from subscribers to the Amazon Prime service, who have the opportunity to sponsor their channel through a grant. YouTube also adds its share of land – “Ninja” has a channel with 5 million subscriptions.

There is no denying that Blevins found a great way with the selection of production – Fortnite: Battle Royale is a world phenomenon, whose popularity has penetrated not only competitive PUBG but even the immortal Minecraft. It’s called transform your passion into a really profitable business.

via: cnbc